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April 21st Activity Bundle

The Invisible String by Patrice Karst

Read by Emma from the Blue Preschool

Invisible String Art:

  1. For this activity you need a white crayon, watercolors, and some white paper.

  2. Draw invisible strings on paper; it will be really hard to see if you can see it at all! After you have finished drawing your strings, paint over the crayon with watercolors. Your invisible strings will appear! It is a good reminder that our invisible strings are with us, always.

  3. For this activity you will need paint and string/yard/thread.

Invisible String Necklace:

For this activity you’ll need some beads or buttons and some kind of string. Fishing line is great because it truly is almost invisible! Make a necklace with your child, having them think about different people that they are connected to as they put on each bead. 

Infant/Toddler String Activity:

If your infant or toddler isn’t quite ready to participate in drawing or beading, an open-ended modification might work better! You could get an actual ball of yarn or string and let your child explore with it. During this exploration you could tie the string between people in the house and talk about how you are still connected, even if you walk away from each other. See how long the string can stretch. Are you still connected if you go into a different room? During their open ended exploration with the string you can talk about all the different things the string is touching and frame that as a sort of connection that you have to the world around you. Plus, playing with string and unraveling it is super fun. Preschool aged children might want to do this, too! Fun is fun at all ages. 🙂


from Natural Resources Division


Here’s a simple experiment to show why washing your hands with soap is so important. This might help some children who are resistant to hand washing feel a little bit more excited about the task.

See you tomorrow for a special Earth Day blog post!

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