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April 7th Activity Bundle

Good morning, friends!


Natalie from the Green Preschool teaches you how to do a number of different breathing exercises like:

  1. Balloon Breath

  2. Starfish Breath

  3. Dragon & Bear Breath

  4. Hot Chocolate Breath

  5. Feather Breath

  6. Bumblebee Breath

These are great strategies for when your child might need to calm down or needs help regulating.

These are also great for grown ups to practice as well 🙂


Here’s a classic song to get your bodies up and moving. You can watch the video or you can do it on your own.

For infants, you can participate by gently moving their body parts and wiggling them about while you sing.

This is great for practicing different body parts. It might not be developmentally appropriate to do “left” and “right” so you might just want to sing: “Put one foot in, put one foot out…” Feel free to add different body parts to the song with your child’s suggestions.

And after you sing, “That’s what it’s all about,” Green Preschoolers like to shout “HOT DOG!” or “ICE CREAM!” Or sometimes something even a little sillier like, “BOOTY BOOTY!” 🙂


Who doesn’t love baby animals? Check out this livestream from the San Diego Zoo of the orangutan exhibit. They might be sleeping when you look so make sure you come back to see when they wake up!


This is a favorite preschool book written by Gaia Cornwall and read by Blue Preschool teacher Emma. It is about facing your fears and being courageous when you’re trying something new. Do any of you know how to swim? Maybe when the pool is back open you can try jumping in like Jabari!

Don’t forget that you can look through past posts and revisit some of the activities again!

We hope you have an amazing day and we will see you here tomorrow!

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