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April 9th Activity Bundle


by Katlyn

As a teacher, I have noticed that young children tend to stare at face-like images longer than at any other pattern. This is especially true when young children or infants are starting to become interested in books.  In the baby room, our children enjoy looking at these books repeatedly. Babies love looking at other babies and seeing faces change based on emotions such as smiling, frowning, laughing, being silly or serious. These faces are all sure to captivate and delight babies and toddlers. An added bonus is that when children see these faces in books it encourages social-emotional & language development and fluency reading people’s expressions in infants and toddlers! 


This recipe was shared from a mother of a child in the infant room. Shout out for sharing this delicious recipe with the rest of us! Thank you!

Things you need:

  • Shredded lettuce

  • Tomatoes

  • Hamburger

  • 2 dough sheets

  • Any type of cheese you like

taco 2


• Set oven to 375

• Cook hamburger

• Lay out 1 dough sheet on a cookie tray

• Cut tomatoes into tiny pieces

• When hamburger is done drain the pan

• Spread hamburger out on dough sheet

• Then spread the lettuce over top of Hamburg

• After spread tomatoes over top of lettuce

• Sprinkle the cheese over the top

• Use other dough sheet and put it over the top.

• Pinch all sides to connect dough sheets together

• Put in oven for 10-13mins

• Once golden brown it is done.

taco pocket


Mo Willems is a prolific children’s author and illustrator. He has written BCS favorites like Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, Waiting is Not Easy!, Knuffle Bunny and many many more!

During the quarantine, Mo has been putting out videos called “Lunchtime Doodles” where he teaches children how to draw in his style. These are great media suggestions to watch him work his magic or to follow along with!

If you do a drawing you can tag him on Instagram with #MoLunchDoodles and maybe he will see your drawings!

Follow the link below to see all 15 episodes:




Elizabeth Knuckols is a close friend of the BCS community. She has spent time with us doing fun activities with each class at school and also spends time with us when we visit The ECHO Center, so she will be a familiar face to many of your children! And we know a lot of you are probably missing ECHO a lot so it might be nice to hear from them.

This video includes Elizabeth singing a hello song and reading a book called, North Country Spring. which is about all the signs of spring you might be seeing outside in Vermont right now!

This is a great story to listen to together before you go on a walk, then you can look for signs of spring in your own neighborhood!

  1. Is the snow melting?

  2. Can you see any flowers?

  3. Are there any new animals that you can see?

  4. Can you hear any birds singing?

  5. Does the air feel warm or cold?

You can also take Elizabeth’s suggestion for drawing a springtime drawing or painting inside. Elizabeth chose bright colors to paint some flowers.

Elizabeth also offers you the suggestion to find materials in your house that might be helpful to all the birds trying to make their nests in the spring! Wouldn’t it be great to help a bird make their nest?!

Enjoy these activities, friends. We will see you here tomorrow!

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