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Physical development, also commonly known as motor development, refers to the growth of a young child’s body and ability to move, balance and effect change in their environments with their bodies. Motor development can be further divided into gross motor, generally meaning big body movements, and fine motor, referring to finger and hand manipulations. Motor development is known to be a cornerstone of child’s health and well-being, but did you know? It can also support other areas of development as well. We know that play is the vehicle through which children learn and babies use their bodies foremost in play, whether it is shaking a rattle or showing off a yoga pose. The best way to support physical development in young children is to provide plenty of opportunities to move, crawl, dance, and jump! In the BCS Infant room we continually offer opportunities to explore new ways to move and balance. We also take time to revisit and practice what the children are already familiar with.

Some of the ways we have supported physical development in the infant room include:  Big Ball Play  Climbing and exploring on the ramps, stumps, big blocks and pickler climber  Yoga  Jumping, Jumping, Jumping!  Dancing!

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