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As the weather has quickly turned to Spring/Summer we have started to plant seeds and plant starts outside on our playground. So many great skills and investigations have been made and we continue to make new discoveries every day! Through garden play, children acquire and improve crucial skills, have fun, and develop self-confidence all the while enjoying nature. A garden can be an interactive way for children that engages all of their senses, involving all the senses feeds both curiosity and passion in toddlers and thus, the love for gardening.

But what are the skills children learn from nature and how does gardening help a child’s development? Children learn reliability and responsibility when it comes to taking care of plants day after day. Getting children involved in gardening allows them to experience plant care and nourish a responsible, consistent and positive attitude towards hard work. Helping kids get into the habit of caring for seeds and plants they have sown can instill a great sense of responsibility.

We will continue to expand our garden, especially at the BCS Archibald Garden plot, where there are many more opportunities for unearthing new learnings!

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