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If it was windy inside, it would splash my milk all over the world!


I can feel it on my arms and legs.

It looks like it’s blowing the trees.

It’s a little bit quiet.

It blows the sky and the clouds.

It blows our hair. It comes from the sky and the earth.

Yesterday it was really windy. Chloe’s hat got blown across the road. I saw a rain. The trees were shaking. The wind moved my hat, too, but it didn’t blow off.

When the wind blows on the water it makes little ringlets. When the wind started my mom said, “Come in the house, quick!” Then it was all lightning-storming. If there’s a tornado, hurry up and go inside. It blows the trees out and water hits it. It can blow stuff over, even bats.

The burrs did not move in the wind because they are so strong.

Did you know stones can put out lightning?

Today it’s not windy because it’s hot. It’s sunny and windy at different times. The tree bark won’t move if the wind hits it. The wind can push a tree down, thunder-storming. The branches got blowed down from the storm.

If she was wearing roller skates, the wind would push her so fast!

If it was windy inside, it would splash my milk all over the world!

Yesterday it rained down. There was giant puddles. I got to jump in them! Mommy let us jump in the mud puddle with no shoes on!!!

The sun can burn the frog’s eye. The frogs can’t feel the wind because they don’t have skin like us. I have SKIN!

What does the wind sound like? Burlington Children’s Space preschoolers are listening for the wind.  Listen along with us and describe what you hear in the comment section below.

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