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March 19th Activity Bundle

Day Two of bundles, here we go!

You asked and we delivered, today’s activities will be geared towards kids who need to get their bodies moving. They might be having feelings or behaviors that are hard to manage at home. This could mean temper tantrums or even just extra energy. Hopefully these four activities will help!


This is an activity the Green Preschool sometimes plays at Morning Meeting. Which means that there isn’t a ton of time the grown up needs to put into hiding all sorts of things around the house and making an intricate list. This is super easy!

It’s as simple as choosing a small-ish item with your child and then having them close their eyes (and count to the highest number they know, squeeze that math in there!) while you hide it somewhere in the house. You can restrict this to one room in the house if that seems more manageable.

While your child is searching you can give hints like “closer,” “farther,” “near the ____,” “between ____ and ____.” These are great ways to develop language related to proximity and distance, which is a developmental goal for preschool-aged children.

Play this game as many times as you want and take turns with everyone in the house who wants to participate.

This will get your kid up and moving in a fun way!

Infant/Toddler Modification: Instead of hiding the object around the house, hide the object under a blanket, cup or any other container. Allow your infant or toddler to explore the items in order to find the hidden object. Lot’s of praise is encouraged when they find the item!

“Can You Make a Scary Face?” by Jan Thomas

Here is a read-aloud that will get your bodies moving AND make you laugh!


This song can be as short or long as you make it. Depends on how many animals you want to think of. Usually we sing this song by just making the animal sounds but if you’re feeling extra wiggley, get up and act out the animal’s movements, too!

I’ll provide a link to the song so you get the hang of how it sounds, but after you watch it a couple times, feel free to turn off the video and do it with your own animals! Who knows, your kid might want a unicorn who says “boo, boo” in the old oak tree. Feel free to get silly.


Here is a link to a Mini Music class from a close friend to BCS, Alison Mott!  Alison has visited and taught at BCS for the better part of the last decade and has taught many of your children before. Alison has worked with all the age groups at BCS: infants, toddlers and preschool and each age group loves her and her music classes dearly!

The class is about 15 minutes long so your child might be able to watch and sing along independently.

Good luck everyone and we will see you tomorrow for bundle number three!

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