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Stone Soup, an Older Toddler recipe

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  1. a rock from by the stump

  2. carrots

  3. chick peas from my home

  4. potatoes

  5. plants. kale plants. very big, like this.

  6. tomatoes from home

  7. onion

  8. a beet

  9. cabbage from home

  10. vegetable broth

  11. garlic from a teacher

  12. savory

  13. bay leaf

  14. a lot of things

  15. I don’t know

  16. no peanut butter

The rock goes in first. Pull potatoes at Shelburne Farms and wash them outside. Wash everything in big buckets. Chop them with choppers. Melt the carrots in the kitchen. Mix things in the soup. A lot of things. Blend them all together in a big pan. Add broth and water. Cook it! Eat it with moms and dads and grandmas. And crackers!

This recipe was made possible by Shelburne Farms, who provided the carrots, potatoes, kale and a visit

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