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Yoga Exploration


The older toddlers have been learning how to do yoga! A student’s Dad put the offer out to Katlyn and Sheila and they took it! So every Thursday rain or shine, the toddlers all gather in the studio for some relaxation and exploration.  They started off quickly getting excited about the poses, being animals and lots of relaxing sounds, well… some wild.  Now the children can spend up to twenty minutes following instruction by the parent with support of the classroom teachers and encouragement from one another.  We do poses such as the tree, lions breathe, and always ending with some quiet time, laying down on the floor and listening to the sounds of the school (examples in photos).  We have also started offering yoga as a morning activity for the children to do with each other (shown in video). This has offered the OT teachers a way to integrate the mindfulness exercises, which are done with staff each month, into the daily lives of children in taking care of their bodies and their minds.

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