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Programs & Partnerships

BCS is proud to partner with many community-based and national programs that help enrich our children's educational, social, emotional, and extracurricular experiences. With support from parents, the BCS Board of Directors, local Vermont businesses, and individual donors, we have been able to continue offering these opportunities for growth, accessibility, and exploration!


The BCS Food Program focuses on healthy, locally-sourced ingredients, and teaches children the importance of what we put in our bodies. On our playground, you'll find basil, mint, and other herbs that the children routinely harvest for our lunches! In the summer, classrooms regularly visit our garden plot at Archibald Community Garden, located within walking distance in the Burlington Old North End, and tend the vegetables.


BCS partners with the Vermont Head Start Association, an agency which provides services to children age 0 - 6 years, including health screenings, familial social services, nutrition education, and more. Each classroom has a number of spaces left open for children who qualify for Head Start or Early Head Start. To learn more about Head Start programs, visit the VHSA website or ask your classroom teachers.



Therapeutic Childcare is a philosophy that focuses on consistent routines, self-regulation and co-regulation, engagement with families, and food security. All of our teachers are trained in trauma-sensitive methods of conflict resolution and emotional validation, promoting inter-personal communication and providing safe spaces for all children. TCC encourages familial stability, provides education for parents, and can connect children to resources such as speech therapy or mental health counseling. Regardless of a child's background or early-life experiences, all children can benefit from a sensitive learning environment that supports and encourages emotional development.

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