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Learning Spaces

Our Classrooms

At the Burlington Children’s Space, we recognize that children of different ages have different needs from their classrooms and teachers. Each room features a fully-equipped kitchen space, two or more sinks for hand- and dish-washing, compost receptacles in addition to trash and recycling, blackout curtains for naptime, live plants, and of course lots of open room to play! Each classroom operates on a slightly different schedule according to the specific needs of the children, but classes often unite for activities such as outdoor time or walks.

Infant Room

Ages: 6 weeks - 18 months

Class Size: 6 children

Our Infant Classroom is mostly open, with soft mats on the floor to accommodate sitters, crawlers, and young walkers. You’ll find chew-friendly books, pillows and stuffed animals, mobiles, kitchen toys, trucks and ramps, and mirrors, all included to help our youngest children learn, thrive, and have fun!

Teachers: Gracie, Josie, and Mo

Young Toddler Room

Ages: 18 - 30 months

Class Size: 8 children

The Young Toddlers and Old Toddlers classrooms are connected, jack-and-jill style, via a “Potty Path” and a large shared kitchen space. The Young Toddlers room is full of art supplies, puzzles, climbers, and train tracks designed to maintain these energy-filled children’s excitement to learn!

Teachers: Emma and Alison

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old todds room_edited.jpg

Old Toddler Room

Ages: 2 - 3 years

Class Size: 8 children

The Old Toddler room is home to sensory tables, a mini kitchen set, and cozy reading den. Children learn about mutual respect, taking care of our bodies, and how to use their social and emotional skills. They are encouraged to be more independent and use the interpersonal skills they've been learning, all through child-led playtime!

Teachers: Sheila, Rowan, and Sarah

Wonder Preschool

Ages: 3 - 5 years

Class Size: 10 children

Our Wonder Preschool is the newest addition to BCS! With a cozy loft, lots of greenery, and plenty of sensory activities, the kids are able to explore the world on their own terms. This extra preschool space allows everyone more space to learn and grow! Preschoolers can enjoy the comfortable reading couches, interact with beautiful light tables, and engage in more avenues of self expression.

Teachers: Sam, Lois, and Emily

preschool room_edited.jpg

Aquamarine Preschool

Ages: 3 - 5 years

Class Size: 10 children

The Preschool classroom fosters an environment that allows the kids to learn about their world through hands-on interaction! With personal journals, self-care boxes, and our main kitchen right next door, preschoolers learn to apply their communication skills and build their self-confidence.

Teachers: Andrew, Sam, Juju, and Grey

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