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Therapeutic Child Care

In 2008, BCS entered into a grant-funded pilot program with the Howard Center to improve mental health support for children and families in the area via a partnership between numerous local childcare centers. After one year, this project received permanent funding, and it is now called the Therapeutic Child Care (TCC) project. There are four additional child care programs in Chittenden County that are implementing this model with the help of the Howard Center. They are: Lund Family Center (Burlington, VT), Trinity Children’s Center (Burlington, VT), King Street Center (Burlington, VT), and Little Ones University (Essex Junction, VT). 

Elements of TCC

Why is TCC Important to BCS?

In its original mission and vision statement from 1984, BCS outlined the following values: high-quality education and childcare for all children; community; diversity; well-qualified, motivated staff; fiscal soundness; and excellence. Each of these values is consistent with the TCC model of childcare. The Therapeutic Child Care partnership with the Howard Center allows teachers to develop the skills necessary to embrace all students in the classroom, no matter how challenging or atypical their experiences are. This practice sends the important message that we understand children’s behavior and know how to help everyone learn, even when they are struggling. 

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