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Schools Excelling in Emotional Development

SEED is a professional development program dedicated to strengthening emotional regulation skills, fostering mental well-being, and building a connection between home and school approaches to social-emotional learning. BCS has been a member of this program since 2023, and all of our teachers have participated in trainings to expand their knowledge. 

The SEED Perspective

Developed by emotional development expert, Alyssa Blask Campbell

We believe in a world where...

... we can feel our feelings without drowning in them.
... we aren’t scared of a feeling because we know we can process it.
... we show up with empathy.
... we can acknowledge our insecurities without tearing someone else down.
... we have respect for one another’s bodies and emotions.
... it’s okay to cry, and where others won’t try and stop it out of fear or discomfort.
... we are responsible for our own regulation.
... we all have people we can break down to, who collaboratively help us process the hard stuff.
... we all have tools to help us find our calm.

For Teachers & Families

SEED is designed to support both teaching staff and families in fostering emotional intelligence in the next generation. SEED provides families at participating schools with access to a free online training specifically designed for caregivers, called "Tiny Humans, Big Emotions," as well as a collection of free resources about sleep, activites, and more -- for more information, talk to your directors or classroom teachers! There are also a number of courses for parents available for purchase on the Seed & Sew website.


For teachers, there are eight core workshops available, each focused on a different aspect of social-emotional learning:

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