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Raw material, mature material.

How do infants use paper as a raw material? They use it for play, for tactile experience, for making sound, for hiding, for hugging, for sharing, for large movements and small ones too.


Infants enjoy exploring paper’s relationship to motion, to wind, and to other people.

The Burlington Children’s Space Infant Room has partnered with atelierista, Rebecca Mack, for a long-term paper arts residency exploring the ways infants use paper as a raw material. Our first work has focused on crumpling and creasing large sheets of white paper. Our process begins with a dry sheet of drawing paper and a lot of play.


Our play process marks with paper with creases over time, turning something crisp, smooth and loud into something soft, supple and quiet. The paper becomes a familiar part of the classroom as it changes from being a raw material to being a mature material.

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