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Here you see a line up of our take home canvases that are sent home to families at the beginning of every month. We created this opportunity for families to be engaged in the classroom to establish the connection in support of every child’s development. When families get this firsthand experience with their children, it encourages them to see the impact and power they have when taking an active role in their child’s education. It also shows the respect that families have towards the work they are doing with their teachers, solidifying the connection between home and school. The children have really enjoyed taking the special bags home each month, with a new tool and color to explore on their canvases. We hang them in the classroom and admire them daily, sparking conversations about the process at home to paint them – some families choose to let their other children join, while others take a more independent approach – either is welcome.

Each time the canvas is sent home a new color jar of tempera paint and tool for them to use to paint with gets sent, these tools have included: traditional brushes, sponges, toothbrushes, paper towel tubes, q-tips, as well as some natural found objects – pine cones, tree bark, pine needle bundles; each time creating a new experience and creative outcome. This activity is more about the process than the product, however, it sure is fun to see them all lined up together when they come back to school!

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