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Writing and Receiving Letters – The Purple Dragon

Upon moving into the Older Toddler classroom the children sparked an interest in the purple dragon, a few weeks later the children noticed an old rusted mail box and with a little encouragement from teachers, the children’s interest flourished into a passion!  The children started by asking a lot of questions about the purple dragon, as teachers we took the idea of letter writing and ran with it…


“Do you have a name?”

“Do you have hands?”

“What do you eat?”

“Do you have Friends, like I do?”


These question & visits created a powerful relationship between a fictional stuffed purple dragon and the children which the children talk about every day!  The purple dragon has also written us a letter (see photos), which has provoked the children to ask even more questions and make even more visits, this has provided opportunities for outings into the community and sharing experiences that are happening a school with their families.  Families have come in the morning to ask about the purple dragon and the letter that they have received from the purple dragon.  This script at school has inspired children to share their experiences with their families at home.  The relationship has created a time for sharing and a time for gathering information about who this remarkable dragon might be.


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